Privacy Policy - TradeVite

We respect your privacy and would never share any personal identifiable information except the ones you choose to publish with whatever you want to sell like name, contact information, and ads information. Also, buyers who contact sellers will have to send inquiry alongside their contact details.

Cookies are needed to remember your login details and to provide better services. We save cookies and to make it clear, cookies are safe.

We implement SSL technology during data transmission between your device and our server. Hence, the information is encrypted and you should feel safe while using our service.

We require that listed Ads be accompained by real details and real pictures. If we suspect that your item is incomplete in details or contains pornography, drugs, arms or illegal items, we might choose not to publish. Final publication of submitted item is solely our duty and we can choose to reject after verification.

If you have any concerns about this, please connect to us by emailing