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Do you charge to post service?

No, we do not charge any fee for services to be listed. Please feel free to post a service yourself.

Someone charged me a fee to post my website and services here, why?

Search Engine Optimisers might decide to charge you a fee to help you get listed here. That does not mean that you cannot post your service by yourself for free. They are simply charging you for their services, and not ours.

Do you have paid advertisements?

Yes, we do. We offer banner advertisement, and also place a higher priority on services that are part of our premium programme. Please contact us for details about how to add your service to our premium programme.

How many service can I list?

You can list unlimited number of services. However, if you offer the same service under the same name in several places, you do not need to duplicate your posting. There is a tool to choose states where you want your service shown.

I offer more than a service under the same name, do I need to create different listings?

You do not need to create different listings. Just type the name of the main service you offer, and then list others in the description. During review, we shall tag other services for you so that your services will automatically appear under those other sections.

Updated Sep 10 2018 09:09 am
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